About Compagnie Gagarine

Belgium based photo agency Compagnie Gagarine offers a variety of high quality photos of

- tourism and illustrative photography covering Europe,

- concert photography (360 music bands covered so far),

- theatre and stage performances, dance acts, street theatre and musicals,

- movie set photography,

- architecture and interior photography,

- portraits (Belgian and international celebrities, artists, writers, football players),

- art photography,

- event photography,

- product- and industrial photography.


So far we have 60 % of our entire photostock available online on this website.

Clients may receive a free login which gives directly access to all the provided images in high resolution.  Please send your request to obtain such a login to info@compagniegagarine.com with your contact details, company name and purpose.

For more informations please visit our website at www.compagniegagarine.com